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Weird Yahoo Server Response..

{ Posted on 3:04 PM by Vivek }

I seriously dont mean to be off-putting,but this post contains Extremely Boring Geek content..

I should’ve probably tweeted this,its a bit large , to be considered as a micro blog.Any way i was checking my email the other day, i happen to use yahoo among other mailers. As I was about to clear my spam folder , the whacky AJAX UI , did something weird .

Take a look at this,

No its not the regular 404 ”not found” its says 502 “Cannot Find server Or DNS Error”.

Also it gives me instructions to go to the Help -> About. ok…then again where can i find About Internet Explorer in Firefox.

Its either something’s going on there between,Yahoo and Microsoft or Yahoo’s server just assumed that everyone would probably use Internet Explorer (which is so untrue).

But is it Yahoo’s fault,if not, I have a hard time imagining Firefox doing that. Cause Firefox uses Gecko Engine, Microsoft uses well …How the heck do I know). I’d put my money on Yahoo doing, that cause , isn’t it the servers responsibility to handle these kind of errors..

Feel free to enlighten me dear readers..

If you feel like, “Big Deal”, after reading this

I warned u…:)

I have a bunch of freaky, bugs, errors or goof-ups, just like this one..I’ll post them soon.

1 Response to "Weird Yahoo Server Response.."

Very interesting,
I am tempted to think if this is indeed a bug on Yahoo's web server. Given that the delete button is an Ajax request, I would assume that something wacky is going on at Yahoo. Or it could even be that your local ISP is serving out the 502 error page as the ajax response (notice that you still have your other parts of the Yahoo UI still intact). It could be very well that the ISP has its 502 error pages stripped right out of IE's error page(which is as ridiculous as that sounds). I am almost sure that this is not a firefox issue. In any case, this does give ample food for thought.

PS: Don't you use Chrome? Or did you try it and not like it?

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