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Let there be Blog !

{ Posted on 9:56 PM by Vivek }

My first..err.. encounter, (if you will) with the word “blog”, was a year or two ago. And it took me a month to “understand” that it was just a fancy word for writing articles (in the cloud).

I also realized, that just because i’m  following technical blogs, doesn't mean Blogs were meant for technical stuff. There are a lot of non-technical yet great blogs. I admit that , initially i found it outrageous,and whenever i ran into a blog I was like “who would want to read a monologue of someone, I'd rather spend the time doing something else”. I changed that opinion soon enough.

But some blogs that i read are highly biased,and that's not how articles are supposed to be. (or do they). Some are really worthwhile like

this one by my cousin brother. and this one by my cousin sister,

(I find innovative ways to flatter people)

Some general , and some blogs exists just to rant their Ex-Employers Here’s one GUY. and here’s the proof that he is so. listen to his podcast,

And boy, is he obnoxious, if i knew English better i would‘ve found a better word for this guy, sheesh , makes me wanna punch him.

Either ways it seems  to me that “blogs are supposed to reflect what you think and feel about what you actually want to blog in the first place“

(feel free to comment, critique or rant about this statement made by “yours truly”)

Er..I know..I feel like an idiot ..because I'm blogging about blogging.

(C’mon folks, its my first blog so cut me some slack..)

Anyway , i have decided to give it a try myself. And viola here it is.

Disclaimer: if you are offended , or you have a bad-hair day or feel dizzy  after reading this I’m not responsible.. Kidding..thought it’d be cool to have a disclaimer.

And being a self-proclaimed geek, my subsequent blogs will be considerably, geeky occasionally General. I'll definitely find a balance. Any way dear reader Keep reading.

bye for now.

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5 Response to "Let there be Blog !"

Yo man,
Welcome to blogging. Nice start, keep up the good work, waiting to hear more from your self-
proclaimed geeky thoughts :P. To be serious, you can add me to your list of people listening to what you have to say.

I will let you get away with that innovative thought of yours, just this one time. But I have to say, I like your title.

If you think that guy in the link is ranting check out He is an amazing writer and works for Google, but that guy just writes too much, I mean so much that I stop half way in between in desperation.


PS: I know gmail's spam filters do a good job, but you are indeed brave to let your email id in plain text :)

hi geek..indeed was presuming u to be self drawn fellow..This yo man attitude swiped my feet off..great job n welcome to the family of blogging. Who need to care of what we write?!!if it finds okay... come on...the place is all yours.
Title is tricky...humm ...get going
Disclaimer would shun u r free give away...

Thanks for ur thoughts made my
and abt that disclaimer..

@JULIA anni
Disclaimer would shun u r free give away...
since i was planning to blog about technical stuff...that'll involve messing up the computer..things could get i thought it'd be ...ahem..."Wise", to have a disclaimer..

And i know its a bit rusty...may be one day'll i'll get the hang of it..

I promise to make sense ...without having to put on an "accent"(u know "Yo Man")..Its just that, if i don't ...
some natives would have difficulty...same way any Indian would..abt their accents...
(yep that's my excuse...)

and one more thing your following the wrong blog of does not exist....(i've seen to that today)...
I'll only use this one....

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