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A Solution to Bloaty Digi- cam Photos

{ Posted on 6:19 PM by Vivek }

I remember once, when I had to scan 10 or so certificates and photos, and had to E-mail them. As i was uploading them i hit the ceiling of 10 MB quite soon. About the third or fourth picture. I wondered why and as i saw the size they around 2-3 MB . Easily 4 Photos would’ve been enough to reach the 10MB limit. Unfortunately I couldn't “Google” for the lack of time. Then I sort of opened one of pictures with paint (accidentally by clicking “Edit” instead of “Open” in the Explorer context menu). Then I thought I would save the picture to another folder, that would be like copying the same file to another folder.Ok. Not quite. Something interesting happened. The file size was reduced by 70 %. I didn't notice this at first. But I did eventually. Then I repeated it again, with another pic. And ended with a smaller file size.

You dont have to take my word for it

see for yourself

1.98 MB 2592 X 1944

Bloaty Picture


523 KB 2592 X 1944

Same picture, Smaller Foot Print


That’s roughly 75 % saved without any noticeable difference.

Well if you are a picture lover and have a lot of photos taken with Digi-Cams. You’ll find this, easy on the Hard disks. Ahem.. a little math. Say you have 100 photos with a average file size of 2MB per photo you need .about…? that's right 200MB how much is 75% of 200MB .150MB saved. If you have 1000 photos with 2M average you can save 1.5 GB.Note that I’m being pessimistic, actual results may be greater. On the other hand some times the size may actually increase, a little bit ( 5 – 10 KB).


There’s just one catch, you can’t automate (at least as far as i know), paint to do this. So i decided to write a tiny app. That’ll do just that. Actually it doesn't use paint. It uses the infamous FreeImage library.

The following is about the Nitty –Gritty details of the application itself. If you dont like the sound of it just

download the Application here

I just call it the Jpeg Optimizer

Also note: Even though the application does not rescale the image, it does change its resolution but only a little, no noticeable difference unless you choose to zoom 200-500X.
The application does not feature a "backup the images" facility( for now).


The software is provided as is, without any warranty. I cannot in any way guarantee the correct functionality of the software. The software is free to use copy an distribute as long as it is intact.

Copyright Notices:

FreeImage Is an open source library maintained by Hervé.Under the GPL license.


The application is built on the .net framework, in C# language. I intentionally decided to target the 2.0 Framework, since many people dont have .net 3.5 installed. Besides I had everything to get going in .net 2.0.The app is multi-threaded for a responsive UI.

More about the application on the next post.

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Great going Vivek! Nice to know that you made an app using .net 2.5 Do share about what did you do in your app to reduce the image file size.

I like your new blog theme :) Looks more professional :P

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